Quick Boatparty.biz Thoughts

I've been meaning to write up my boatparty.biz trip for a while now, but haven't found the time. Here's the short version:

Two weekends ago, my sister and I attended The Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival (affectionately known as boatparty dot biz). It was a phenomenal trip, and I can't wait to go to next year's. A week or so after we returned, the organizers sent out a survey to all of the attendees, and one of the questions asked what my favorite part of the trip was. I started to list all the comedians that absolutely killed it: Scott Simpson, Jasper Redd, Nadia Kamil, but I realized there wasn't a single name I didn't want to list.

The music was equally fantastic. Seeing my two favorite Johns (Roderick, Darnielle) in one set was mind blowing. Plus, the Manhattan Goats.

In general, a cruise isn't the type of vacation I would go on (something I heard the same thing from a lot of the other attendees) but this was something else. Something special.

A Theory About the Samsung Watch

Last week, Samsung announced their Galaxy Gear, and the general consensus seems to be that it's underwhelming. After the announcement, Matthew Panzarino quipped about the post-iPhone tendency to rush products to market based on rumors of upcoming Apple products.

It seems unlikely that Samsung doesn't know that this product will fail, so why release it at all? My theory is simple: prior art. Samsung's core business model for the past several years has been more or less to copy Apple. With this in mind, the motivation to release a sure-to-fail product becomes much more apparent. Years down the line, assuming Apple does release a watch-like product (which seems fairly likely at this point), and assuming Samsung copies it (which seems even more likely), Samsung will be sued by Apple.

When this lawsuit comes, Samsung will need any evidence it can get that their wearable isn't an outright copy of Apple's. Weak as it may seem, this defense has worked for them in the past.

Return to Writing

It has been a few years since I've written much online. I've missed it, so I'm starting up again. For those who are stumbling on to this randomly, let me introduce myself. I'm Sam Ingle, I'm an iOS developer in Portland. I inherited Ooler from my good friend Don Jeter a few years back, but haven't done much with it so far.

This site is running on a blogging engine I wrote a few weekends back, heavily inspired by Marco Arment's Second Crack. I don't have any intention of releasing my engine to the public, there's more than enough blogging tools out there already. I've decided to forego building comments into this system, but I'm happy to hear feedback on Twitter or App.net.

I plan on writing about iOS development, music, and general nerdery. I'll also occasionally release code here, and if I were hypothetically to release an iOS app (on my own, not at my day job), this would be the place to hear about it.

All that being said, enjoy the site, and feel free to get in touch.